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Our Story
Born out of a passion for the yard
Our Origins
Born out of a passion for his backyard, our Founder Shawn Langton was tired of the lack of shoe options to wear while working in his yard. For years he wore old athletic shoes to mow the lawn and work in the yard. He battled soggy feet in the morning dew, slipped on inclines with his worn out tread, and rips in the old shoes would let grass in all over his feet.

He searched for a better option, with no luck. Shawn decided to create the ultimate all-purpose yard shoe. Shawn spent 3 years researching & developing what makes the ideal all-purpose yard shoe.
Our Motivation
We are a brand, a company, a culture that not only offers a solution, but engages homeowners who take pride and joy in their yards. There is nothing better than keeping your yard in shape, then enjoying it with friends, family and neighbors. With our small, expert team, we have set out to create footwear and yardwear that truly captures the terrain of the yard without skimping on the style.
Our Namesake
"Kujo", our namesake and Shawn's cousin, was a guy who always had to be outside! When the Langton cousins came over with high hopes of playing Kujo's video games, he shared his love of the yard by getting those kids outside. Kujo carried on that passion into his 20's, by building community gardens in Detroit, and urging his neighbors to get outside together. Shawn named his company in honor of his cousin, to pass along the message to get outside!
Our Culture
We love our yards! Our pride is in freshly cut grass and our joy is enjoying it with a cold one because nothing beats opening up the backdoor to your own paradise. Soak up the sun, work up a sweat, host a blow out, show off your flowerbeds... as long as you're spending time outside, you're doing it right. Meanwhile, we'll make sure you're clothed in nothing but the best in premium yardwear.